Anime Spring 2008 Rankings

Okay all of the ones I wanted to watch are currently being fansubbed. Here is my ranking for them, from 1 being the best and whatever is at the bottom is the worse.

1. XxxHOLiC: Kei
2. Golgo 13
3. Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk
4. Itazura na Kiss
5. Wagaya no Oinarisama
6. Kanokon
7. Vampire Knight
8. Soul Eater
9. Glass Maiden (Crystal Blaze)
10. Amatsuki
11. Nabari no Ou
12. Monochrome Factor

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San Francisco Gaints 4-1 loss to Diamondbacks

Once again, there’s no doubt that our 120 million dollar buddy, Zito (0-4) is a complete bust. That money should’ve went towards some heavy bats. We have a bunch of aging geriactrics on the roster. We need some offense. Cain and Lincecum are doing the best they can but the bullpen still manages to blow it. Not as bad as last season, though. Cain once again having superb pitching stats with a lousy record. It’s going to be a long season.  

Nabari no Ou 1 & 2

Ah, this is one of the shows I looked forward in watching for April. The preemptive story description said it was about ninjas and their numerous jutsu they can do. Everything’s all gravy if they’re going ride the Naruto ninja gravy train with this. Sadly no. Read more

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