Devastating Quake In China

A province in China got slammed by a 7.9 magnitude quake. The San Francisco quake of ’89 was only 7.1 and the extra .8 is so many times more powerful. Not only that, the quake in China lasted MINUTES. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think earthquake proof buildings are going to stick around for that long at that magnitude. Read more

0-6 Zito is Demoted!

I know this is old news but they finally demoted that bust Zito to the bullpen. They want his head cleared and get whatever bad juju he as on his back. This makes Zito the most expensive relief pitcher in history! We’re going to be damned with him for another six years. We should knock his ass down to Fresno. I don’t want him to lose games for Cain and Lincecum.

Amatsuki 1-3 : Tokidoki?

This guy named Tokidoki, is stuck in the Edo Period for reasons unknown. He loses sight on his left eye in the process, due to an encounter with a “nue”. Pretty neat stuff here as our heroine Kuchiha slices and dices the nue to save Tokidoki’s life. Unfortnately, this will be the only demon fighting we’re going to get for the next three episodes. Read more