Amatsuki : The Princess Revealed!

Previously we were treated with the introduction of “The Princess”. Unfortunately it was some crappy talking doll. But in Episode 5, we get to meet The Princess in flesh and blood. I bet she’s hawt looking! Or at least decent looking, right?

The Princess, as explained before, dies every day. She describes it as like “snake shedding its skin”. Makes a plenty of sense if you refer it like that. Tokidoki and Kon were showcased The Princess’ dried up body before she transfers her soul from the doll to that body.

The Princess is ressurected with a body! I was like, “great!”. But not so great.

For some reason, the author decides to fuck with us and make The Princess look like some dude with a manly voice. Not only that, the guy is asexual. WTF?????? What the hell is the point with that? Why couldn’t make her a girl or something? I’m actually tired of this okama bullshit.

On top of that, absolutely nothing happens in this episode besides that. No fighting, no demons, NOTHING! This series is on a 13 chapter format and we’re almost at the halway point with jack shit happening. I can almost bet we’re going to get bombarded by a story development blitz towards the end. Three episodes of story and ten episodes of fillers.

Also, what’s the point with Tokidoki being transported to this strange land in the first place? They might as well just started the story with all characters from the Edo period.