Road Rage Killings

Recently there’s a huge rash of road rage homocides. Homocides in the Bay Area in general are up but road rage is nothing something you hear often. Is it because the media is suddenly covering and labeling them road rage? Homocide is homocide, road rage is just an excuse. Someone better check the alignment of the planets and the moons!

Free MMORPGS : 2Moons & Shaiya

After my stint with World of Warcraft, I craved for another MMO to play but not pay for it. So I searched the internets and found out there’s tons of free MMOs around. But of course there’s a huge line drawn across the free stuff and the pay stuff. So far I found two MMOs, that I found were playable to my standards. Read more

Bleach : Fillers Continue, Same Old, Same Old

If you catch the manga, it’s getting close with the tv series. Actually vice versa. But anyway, the lame fillers continue. Like all fillers, they felt the need to add these really stupid villain characters. They are arrogant and are completely oblivious to the AWESOME fighting powers of our protagonists. As usual they get completely owned by them and they stand there wondering why. Idiots. All of these stupid villains need some kind of gimmick powers or weapon to boost their shitty fighting skills and to inflate their egos.

Xxxholic : Kei

Lately I have been lambasting all of these animes I gripe about. But for some reason, it’s harder to praise an anime as great as Xxxholic : Kei. This is the sequel to the first Xxxholic was great in their own right. We get some eerie episodes as usual. Yuuko is still spinning her tales about humanity and morality. It’s still on top of my list of Spring 2008 animes.