2Moons : Complaints Department

2Moons is still a fantastic game in it’s own right. But like all games out there, there’s always complaints and grievances.  Most of them are often repeated to no end and many are downright annoying as hell

1. I got hacked, return my stuff!

There is no whining worse than some player claiming he got hacked and his stuff is all gone. A long time ago, Acclaim use to fully restore people’s characters, with gear and all. But some assclowns decided to be greedy and took advantage of Acclaim’s generosity. They decided to scam Acclaim by moving gears to another character and have Acclaim restored their gear. Now Acclaim doesn’t restore gear anymore. Even if you have a legit claim, they will just say no.

Oh on that hacked thing, I think it’s not probable that some guy is able to hack into people’s accounts. I seriously believe it’s the error on the account owner’s part. Remember, loose lips, sink ships guys.

2. I’ve been gone a long time, does the game still suck?

Ahh, you get to see this gem at least ONCE a day. The only reason why they even ask that dumb ass question is to bait in a negative response from someone. If you’re going to come back, just say Hi, I’m back and GTFO. Hell why bother saying anything? It’s not like anybody would really gives a rat’s ass. Trolls are aplenty and it’s these types of threads that will boost their post counts. This also includes those Bitch &  Goodbye posts too.

3. Trolls that stick around and bitch about a game they no longer play.

Being a Troll is a monumental task. You sit there staring at the forums for hours, trolling the place for things to respond to.  Most of the time they either respond to a thread about how much the game sucks and they put in their two cents in. They’re like broken records, whining about this and flaming that. All of this on a forums for a game they no longer play.

4. Blindly accusing someone for hacking with absolutely no proof.

No forum is complete without pre-pubescent sore losers pointing their fingers at some guy for hacking, just because they say so. Most of the time nobody cares and know the drill to “not believe the nimrod”. If only innocent women were saved during the Spanish Inquisition with that notion…

5. Where’s the next patch?

It’s perfectly normal for people to ask, since they’re curious. But when it’s being asked roughly a dozen times in one week, then it becomes REALLY damn annoying. People managed to log in, navigate themselves into the proper forums but they can’t find the damn search button? There’s even this one guy who complained that there wasn’t a search function in the forums. If they placed announcement for the next patch in bold, large pink letters, flashing in your eyes giving you seizures, these same people would claim to never have seen it. Unbelievable.