2Moons : Forum Flaming Fun

Official forums for a game are suppose to be informative and you get to listen to what people are saying about the game. You could be new or a loyal player of the game and the forums is the place where you can throw your two cents in. That gets ugly after awhile when the only people posting are people who well…flames.

The 2Moons forums have degenerated itself into a deep cesspool of trolls and misinformation. If you walked in there right now, it looks like everyone is angry beyond belief and makes 2Moons look like a pulpit of Anti-Bush protesters than a video game. Why the hell are these people are angry?

1. The lack of timely support from Acclaim.

I must be admit that 2Moons support really blows ass. That’s an understatement. When a player has a problem that requires a quick resolution, Acclaim will take days or even weeks to resolve it. By then that player with that issue is already violently angry. That’s already one angry person. Imagine that, times 100. That’s what is happening right now.

2. Player bullshit grievances and outlandish claims fall onto death ears at Acclaim.

Okay, some players have legitimate claims and grievances and it’s up to how Acclaim handles them. The way how Acclaim handles it will either make them super happy or make them go postal.  Of course according to the forums, it’s the latter.  You have a majority of the people on the forums demanding this and that. These people need to face the fact : Acclaim is not going to restore jack shit. Sticking around the forums and spamming the same sob story isn’t going to help your cause. This is probably the sole reason why Acclaim is ignoring your dumbass and not because they are covering up the issue. They just want to cover up your noisy ass. That’s all.

3. The game sucks and I’m angry because it sucks.

Well it’s great that you have an opinion of the game. It’s a free world and you can express all you want. But if that’s all you’re going to contribute to the 2Moons forums, then I kindly ask you to STFU and GTFO. These are the same people who just stick around to flame the game. They are like lingering poltergeists that are pissed off about something that happened a 100 years ago. Just linger your ghost ass somewhere else.

To sum it up, the forums is 90% garbage. If there was informational tidbits in there, it will be probably be buried with hundreds of flame posts. Also a few angry people does not speak for the entire playerbase. Matter of fact, most players don’t even visit the forums. I’m glad they don’t. It will just corrupt their minds and make their brains  implode.