Every Japanese Person Alive Is Currently A Walking Glow Stick

glowstick2 The ridiculous amount of fear mongering here in California is getting ridiculous. People are running around like the sky is falling. “OMG my lawn has traces of celsium-137 this morning ! “. They are even finding traces of [insert name of fission material here] in freaking Massachusetts. But no one bothers to say how much of these traces measured up to. Sure they say it’s 1000 times the allowed limits. But how much does it take to liquefy one’s internal organs? Lets say we’re receiving crazy amounts of celsium-137 and it could definitely liquefy your organs, then what does that mean to the citizens of Japan? I know! They are not currently dying by the millions, so that means hey gotta be walking fucking glow sticks! All of them!

If any harmful radiation was reaching our shores, we won’t be the only assholes dying from it. United States is not the only country in the world.


Yumekui Merry – What Are My Dreams?

Merry Petals

Merry is a dream demon stuck in the real world, not knowing how to get back to her own world. Decade(s) of wandering around she bumps into this guy Yumeji, who can see people’s colored auras. It’s a bizarre power but he doesn’t know what do to with it. Neither do we. They both spend several episodes beating down dream demon baddies taking regular Joes with dreams hostage as vessels. Bunch of cool stuff happens but the show really narrowed down to one goal. A dream. Someone’s dream. Read more