Blood-C : CLAMP’s New Blood

I was stoked to see Blood-C appear on a list of Anime premiering for the Summer season. It’s been a few years since Blood+ was aired. Now CLAMP is on board, adding a new series to the franchise. Contains Spoilers.

Okay I know it’s still early to be making assumptions about this series when it’s not completely aired yet. But according to the numbers of episodes, I have already watched 25% of the total series so far. Let’s begin!

People who are familiar with the Blood franchise might be disappointed by this newest offering. Despite carrying the title “Blood” and having a sword wielding chick named Saya, this series barely have anything in common with the original anime movie and the Blood+ series. Most might even speculate that the Blood franchise titling might be lame pitch to prop up this series. A likely assumption but I would reserve judgment for now.

Blood-C is very nice looking. If you’re a big fan of CLAMP art, there’s no disappointment in that department. However, the series is very slow moving. She only fights at night time and she’s a normal high school girl by day. I find her daytime activities utterly boring. She hangs around the cafe in town all the time. There’s a guy running the place. You can feel it a mile away that he might be the one responsible for the crap that has been happening. She goes to school like a normal teen. Blah blah. It’s god damn boring, I tell ya! Sheesh.


There’s only action at night when Saya encounters a random demonic creature. The encounters seem to be damn random at times. There were times I wondered if she’s out there actively hunting them or she’s just walking in on them by accident? Most likely both. The fight sequences are very good. Fluid movements, flying limbs, gore; stuff you expect from Blood. Saya can wield a mean sword but you can tell she still have yet to master her sword. She struggles as the fight progresses, often favoring her opponent. Fortunately for Saya she always manages to escape death when her inner powers kick in. The power up is similar to Saya in Blood+. I can only hope that her powers kick in early on and not only when she’s near death. I started noticing that her fights are getting harder. I also assume that numbers of demons will increase as well. At her current fighting level, there’s no way she can keep doing this without drastically improving. With 12 episodes total, I’m not sure how she can. It’s going to be tight.

There’s some things that we have yet to learn about. I still don’t know what she is actually fighting. They are demons but that’s just over generalizing them. What exactly are they? What exactly is Saya? Is she human? She obviously have regenerative abilities, they are quick but not instant. Not even sure if she’s even a vampire.

Overall Blood-C is not a bad show. I think expectations were high with the Blood franchise slapped onto it. It could easily been a generic demon hunting anime. But even as a generic anime, the show clearly focuses on her daily school life than the actual dispatching of demons. This focus might be a huge turn off for many who expect hardcore fighting at all hours of the day.