Those Pesky Fillers Are At it Again!


Why the hell are both Naruto and Fairy Tail on fillers?? Both of them need to be taken out back and shot. End their misery already!

Fairy Tail came back after a year of hiatus. A year is a long time and you sometimes forget. You forget that this show existed a year ago. Now you jump for joy when it’s finally back. That joy quickly dissolves when you realized what this show is now pumping out is pure garbage. Ever since they came back, the storyline is so boring. The fights are no longer epic to me. I started to go insane trying to figure out if the episode was some lame filler or some ridiculous canon Fairy Tail arc. You can’t tell anymore and frankly I stopped caring at this point.

Moving on to Naruto..

Naruto takes the cake with these fillers. I think over 40% of the total episodes aired are fillers. Gotta stretch that money maker to the point of ridiculousness. Now since the manga is officially over. There is absolutely no freaking reason to put the show on fillers for weeks on end. They stretch this crap to the limits. Freaking 30 minute battles lasting for weeks. What is this shit? DBZ? Give me a break! Naruto winning with “nakama power”? Obito and Madara having like three boss life bars? That’s not even filler! It’s crap!

Fairy Tail and Naruto are prime examples of shows that lost steam over time. They captured your attention early on with good a story and pacing. But greed totally ruined them. You can stretch an uninteresting plot for so long to the point it breaks from under you. They kept adding senseless waves of fillers, blurring the line between what is canon and what is not. You really just start to lose interest. At least it did for me. These shows are just shells of their former selves. Sigh…

In the end we all are going to ask ourselves, “Oh man that’s it? This is how this ends?”. You can bet on it.

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