Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso : Emopiano Ends

picturefinalKimiUso got me interested early on, which was good. It was nice to see Kousei finally beat down his demons and be able to finally throw down on the keyboard. KimiUso was good but there’s things I felt is incomplete.


I really like KimiUso. However, I really wanted more out of this show. I wanted Kaori and Kousei do more duets together. I honestly thought they will be on a nice working relationship through music playing. I also even wanted to watch Kousei be on top again. But none of that really fleshed out with Kaori breaking our hearts by passing away. Kaori’s death was foreshadowed early on and it was no mystery it was going to happen. It just happened way too soon! Once Kaori was hospitalized, I knew all the fun is over.

KimiUso wasn’t really about some prodigy child pianist rocking the world or about a rambunctious violinist doing the same. No, it was about Kousei getting over his mother’s death and understanding she’s not some evil mother just pushing her short lived dreams through him. It was also about Kaori living her life the way she wants it and to the fullest. She even tied it all up with a confession of love to Kousei. That jerked some tears outta me.

KimiUso was a hell of a decent show for a lackluster Fall Season. I felt it really fell  short on the   Kousei x Kaori duet action. Having them just play together for like three total times (including that last one) was a massive let down. I didn’t care too much for Tsubaki’s feelings dealio. She’s just played that childhood friend trope. Poor Ryouta was just some dude on the sideline. The others were just, there. 

The show concludes well for me and yet it feels so empty some what.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Kousei Crying Final



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