World Trigger : Maybe They Should Threw Money Here Instead of Sailor Moon?

wttitleYou can tell they didn’t throw much money into producing this show. They did what they could and produced something good here. It’s a damn shame that money should shifted into this show instead of that nostalgia bait Sailor Moon.


World Trigger gets bogged down early on. The story was moving quite slow. I got tired of watching Osamu trying to be a hero, only to get his ass kicked in every time. Stop being a hero you idiot! Kuga constantly making those faces was getting on my damn nerves too. Also, the lack of budget shows, with long awkward still frame shots, the inconsistent art when things aren’t focused and also that bizarre lack of ending theme. Oh they also roll the opening theme in the middle of the episode. It’s weird but definitely not heard of. All of this would probably test the patience of some viewers. Some would drop this after a few dead end episodes.

I decided to stick with this show and it was worth it. The show eventually picks up. Osamu progresses in skills which is lovely. Tons of showcasing of other agents skills was a plus for me. Info dumps, which I don’t really digest personally was also good if you’re into that. All and all, this show is not bad at all right now.

Is it underrated? Maybe. Not a masterpiece by all means. Definitely worth a watch at least.

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