Tokyo Ghoul S1 & S2 Mashup : WTF Happened Here?

Title Tokyo Ghoul looks so promising at first. But after two seasons, you start to wonder what was the damn point of this show?







For some reason I thought Tokyo Ghoul was about the main character becoming half ghoul and be some kind of savior of humans and ghouls. Yeah, it didn’t exactly turn out that way. The entire first season was a cringe worthy experience, with social justice warrior Kaneki trying to be human again. It got old real quick every time he freaks out when ghouls do ghoul things. Time was completely wasted on Kaneki not doing much of anything with his new found powers.

rizereadingThe blatant lack of chemistry among the main characters is appalling. You know the show was in trouble when Kana Hanazawa practically phoned in her Rize performance. Her character was completely nonexistent after a few episodes. I actually liked her character and find her interesting. It feels like she was some kind of plot device to turn Kaneki into a ghoul. There is no information about her beyond what people said about her AFTER she died. Kaneki gets a chubby with Rize and Rize returns the favor with her organs.

Since obviously Rize is a short lived love interest for Kaneki, how about Touka? Well, if anyone held their breath for that to happen, you would be dead by now. Touka was just some chick that works with Kaneki. There’s not much a relationship. It’s even more tepid than two coworkers with no common interests stuck inside a room. Touka MIGHT have some feelings for Kaneki but she never conveyed them nor she made any efforts to build any kind of meaningful chemistry with him. The only reason she’s around is because Kaneki is a fucking idiot that can’t fight for himself.

The first season eventually ends with a cliffhanger of Kaneki finally being “awakened”. Episode after episode we watched Kaneki do absolutely nothing to developed his ghoul abilities. Then they throw this shit at us? He just awakens just like that? The season ends there with Kaneki mopping the floor with Jason.

Knowing how disappointing Tokyo Ghoul’s first season was, I still decided to watch the second season which was a huge mistake. Second season is a damn train wreck compared to the first. Kaneki was nonexistent for majority of the second season. He goes off and joins Aoigiri, which the show made no references to why the fuck. The second season does have more fighting involved, which was nice but the fighting was so random at times. You got Kaneki fighting random ass people for no damn reason. Random fights are so damn meaningless and laborious to watch. The final One Eye Owl fight felt so empty for some reason.

Second season ends with Kaneki carrying out the mortally wounded (or already dead) Hide out. He then fights Arima. Or that’s what we think he did. The stupid ultimate fight was off screen. In the anime, we don’t know if he’s alive or dead. The show ends with Touka reopening a new cafe.





Final Thoughts:

Tokyo Ghoul had an interesting concept but it fails to utilize any of the obvious elements into an interesting story. We all know Kaneki started out wimpy and later becomes badass but we barely see him. Kaneki as a character did not make a difference to the world he’s in. His character was directionless as we have no idea what his goals were, if any.

Hide’s ultimate death in the end doesn’t punch me in my feels. I didn’t think about feels because I wondering why the hell was he there? Since when he transitioned into CCG so quickly and without explanation? His death was anticlimactic because you just don’t a shit about this guy. This cluster fuck of the show had the audacity to end with Kaneki carrying his boyfriend in the longest fucking walk of his life and tops off with an off screen ultimate fight with Arima, in which Kaneki lost. Kaneki is such an useless character.





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