Hey it’s been awhile since I last posted anything. Lately I have been working on a project. I’m dabbling with bitcoin mining. In the next few days I will post a full report of the things I’m doing.

Bakuman S2 : Hey Nakai There’s Something On Your Face…

It’s Aoki time! Bakuman gets emo with Aoki crying and a few others doing the same as the ripple effect of damage resonant among the characters.  Aoki has been getting some good deal of face time lately. I like it. They really show us that she’s not some cold arrogant wench. She’s really a normal chick that doesn’t trust men. This is completely understandable since attractive women should be constantly on guard for assholes.

Aoki and Takagi have been hitting off well, exchanging ideas for their respective mangas. It’s a simple formula of, “I scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. Unfortunately this creates unfortunate consequences as this basic act is being misunderstood as a form of infidelity. While Takaki and Mashiro do some major damage control, Aoki is left on her own to fight her battles alone.

The editors believed that Aoki need some help with the art. She can draw faces but lacking on what’s below them faces. Someone suggest Nakai. Why not right? Nakai worked with Aoki in the past. This a great chance for Nakai to get back on the good graces of Aoki. The guy practically kisses the ground that she walks on. Or at least we all thought he did…


Nakai putting up his best face..

Aoki came to Nakai for some help. It was a simple request to work together again. But this smug clown only would do it if she dated him. What the fuck?! That’s right, Nakai fucking 180 all us from being the number one pitiful guy to the number one biggest douche on the planet. Aoki was visibly hurt with tears starting following down her face.



What did the five fingers say to the face?

Then she slapped that jackass right in the face. A shot heard around the world. I woo’ed and cheered as her five fingers went across his fat smug face. Nakai was definitely stunned. He was stunned that Aoki bitch slapped him for conditions he felt was justifiable. The prick even rubbed it in by saying he’s going to back to his “honey”, Natsumi.


Aoki really needs a hug.

Aoki was definitely distraught. She tried calling Takagi but the guy was busy making amends with Miyoshi over the phone. She eventually tried to seek solace at the monkeys exhibit at the zoo. There Takagi coincidently bumps into her, again. Aoki quickly ran to Takagi and let out some tears. After all Takagi was practically the only guy she trusts now. Miyoshi happens to walk up to them. Hilarity ensues…


At the end, Takagi and Mashiro averted a complete melt down (no pun intended) by reconciling with each other. All they had to do was talk it out and hammer out any misunderstandings. For Nakai? I hope that guy gets a good ass beating. What he did was incorrigible. Just when Aoki start believing in men again, this guy just mucks it up. The guy needs a damn reality check if he thinks that Natsumi even gives him a shred of attention.

The cool thing that comes out of this entire ordeal is the Aoki is now officially part of the gang.

Guilty Crown : I.G. Doing It Right

It’s been awhile since an anime had me mesmorized on the first few minutes. Animes lately have been lazy and make absolutely no effort to get you interested early on. Guilty Crown breaks this trend with an amazing first episode. Man! The opening song was beyond chilling! Can’t wait to see more.


Every Japanese Person Alive Is Currently A Walking Glow Stick

glowstick2 The ridiculous amount of fear mongering here in California is getting ridiculous. People are running around like the sky is falling. “OMG my lawn has traces of celsium-137 this morning ! “. They are even finding traces of [insert name of fission material here] in freaking Massachusetts. But no one bothers to say how much of these traces measured up to. Sure they say it’s 1000 times the allowed limits. But how much does it take to liquefy one’s internal organs? Lets say we’re receiving crazy amounts of celsium-137 and it could definitely liquefy your organs, then what does that mean to the citizens of Japan? I know! They are not currently dying by the millions, so that means hey gotta be walking fucking glow sticks! All of them!

If any harmful radiation was reaching our shores, we won’t be the only assholes dying from it. United States is not the only country in the world.


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