Site Took A Crap

Yeah for some reason the damn site took a crap! I didn’t fiddle with it for a couple of months. So now I finally got around fixing it, on a Christmas morning. But it’s unfortunate that I only backed up crap from July.

Bay Area News

I haven’t been talking much about Bay Area news for awhile. Anime is something easy to talk about! Maybe it’s time to write a thing or two about what is happening in the Bay Area. Some big things happening: Hans Reiser and Golden Gate Suicide Barrier. Read more

Road Rage Killings

Recently there’s a huge rash of road rage homocides. Homocides in the Bay Area in general are up but road rage is nothing something you hear often. Is it because the media is suddenly covering and labeling them road rage? Homocide is homocide, road rage is just an excuse. Someone better check the alignment of the planets and the moons!

Devastating Quake In China

A province in China got slammed by a 7.9 magnitude quake. The San Francisco quake of ’89 was only 7.1 and the extra .8 is so many times more powerful. Not only that, the quake in China lasted MINUTES. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think earthquake proof buildings are going to stick around for that long at that magnitude. Read more

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